LEAP Week 2023

LEAP Week is a week-long motivational summer leadership program for high school and college-aged young adults.  


Join our IN-PERSON, LIVE program at UCLA or VIRTUAL program live streamed


LEAP Week features incredible guest speakers ranging from celebrities, CEO's, entrepreneurs, and more!


You will be placed in a small group of peers and connections your own age from around the world.


And experience opportunities to meet mentors from careers in which you're interested!

leaders are built at leap week

Confidence & Motivation

100% of LEAP Week alumni feel more prepared to begin college or enter the workforce


Successful entrepreneurs inspire participants and share their advice on how to achieve success.

Career and Life Skills

100% of LEAP Week alumni have defined, written goals.
Other topics include time management, interviewing skills, and more!


LEAP Week includes a mentor workshop, where all participants meet potential professional mentors

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leap week teaches the skills necessary for success


Job interviewing


Goal setting


Effective communication


Positive self-talk and confidence

Other program highlights

  • Mentor workshop

    Learn how to interview for information as you sit face-to-face with over 100 successful professionals from all sectors and industries, who can guide you to your dream job.

  • Dorm experience – live on campus at UCLA

  • Talent show and dance

  • Meeting lifelong friends from around the world! 


 “The LEAP experience is truly amazing! Both of my children have attended LEAP, and it gave my kids the skills they needed to formulate their vision, achieve their goals, and to become successful young adults.”

Laura Kelly

“Never did I expect to go to a summer camp that would truly change my life. LEAP has given me life lessons, my best friends, and mentors. I love coming back every year to coach and give students the same experience I had!”

Zoya Shams

“LEAP helped me to identify my skills, set fire to my passions, and LEAP into personal greatness.”

Marti Reed

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program begin?

LEAP Week will officially kick off on Sunday, July 16th for both live, in-person participants and online participants. LEAP ends on Saturday morning, July 22nd, 2023.

What precautions are being taken for COVID-19?

Per UCLA, students are no longer required to be vaccinated.

What is the cost of tuition and what does it include?

The cost to attend LEAP Week in-person is $2,495. This includes the entire 6-day program held at UCLA, lodging & 3 meals per day. 

The cost to attend LEAP Week virtually is $449. This includes access to our online platform where LEAP Week will stream daily with small group sessions via Zoom daily.

What if I am not in the same time zone?

All sessions will be available to participants after they air live. Any participant who is not able to attend their assigned small group can request to be in a group more suitable to their time zone.

What ages can attend LEAP Week?

Anyone entering their 9th grade year or currently attending high school or college can attend LEAP Week. Typical ages range from 15-25+. All participants are put in small groups with small group members of their same age. 

How can I enroll?

You can enroll online here or call the LEAP team at 877-855-5327.