Getting ready for an interview can be a nerve wracking process. Whether it’s for an internship, a job at your local grocery store or to be the new CEO of a company, interviewing can be an overwhelming process. Being prepared is the most important part. This starts with proving yourself as a person to be taken seriously. Having an established personal brand is key. Here are some helpful tips to make the interview process a little easier.

Look your best:

Look good, feel good, right? Businesses are more likely to hire you if you look the part; professional and confident. Maintaining a well-kept look should become a part of your everyday routine. There’s no excuse to show up to a job interview not looking your best. An important thing to remember is that all of your choices should appear to be intentional. Have facial hair? In today’s society, it’s becoming the norm. But make sure it’s properly groomed and maintained. Not sure if that’s your case? Get new razor blades and shaving products and start from scratch. Same goes for your hair. Whether you’re wearing it up or down, every hair should have its place. So, pick out your favorite blazer, iron your pants, and wear your best shoes. You are the face of your personal brand, keep it on point!

Give your resume a facelift:

This is one of the best things you can do before an interview. Your resume needs to be an extension of you. It has to show others what you’re capable of while proving you’re the right person for the job. Programs like Photoshop and InDesign can help you construct a fun and concise resume that fits everything onto one page (with maybe a cool/fresh design that represents you). On a more basic level, make sure you have 1-2 people proofread your resume. You could be the perfect candidate for the job, but just one typo could be the difference between getting a phone call or your resume ending up in the garbage can.

Utilize LinkedIn

This is something we have touched on in the past. But much like perfecting your resume, you should take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer. Start by ensuring that your LinkedIn profile matches your resume as best as possible (grammar and punctuation included.) While your resume is typically only a page long, your LinkedIn profile is often an extended version. This is where peers, recruiters and potential employers look to for a detailed snapshot into your achievements, interests and involvements. Establish what makes you marketable and sell yourself!

Know your goals:

A common question during the interview process is “What are some of your goals?” Your ambitions are what drive your brand. Consider writing down your goals beforehand so you can organize your thoughts while keeping your future in mind. This will help you feel more comfortable when you need to answer tough questions under stress. The more relaxed you are, the better you will sound.

Do your research:

This is a big bonus that works in your favor. Look up the company you are interviewing with. Check out their mission statement, social media, staff bios, etc, so you have a better handle on the type of place you’re walking into. Companies will love to hear about why you admire their charity work or any extra work they do. It makes you look good and makes them feel even more confident about you.