How LEAP Helps High School Students

The LEAP Young Adult Leadership Program is an excellent opportunity for young adults to prepare themselves for their college and career experiences. At our week-long summer program for high school students, teens learn valuable life skills that they don’t get in school, giving them a head start on their future compared to most of their peers.


One of the most important aspects of LEAPweek is how students build leadership skills. If you are a high school student and haven’t decided on a career path yet — or even if you’ve barely started considering it — it’s important to learn leadership skills early in life. If you want to become a great communicator and an action-oriented leader, LEAP can help! The training we provide in our summer leadership development program is truly life-changing for high school students, for college prep and beyond.


Another major focus of LEAPweek is developing young adults’ networking skills. Especially in this modern age of social media, most teens already have strong networking capabilities, they just need some guidance to maximize these abilities. Networking will be tremendously important when you begin your career, and it also helps develop lasting friendships in every phase of life.


LEAPweek 2018 takes place from July 22-28, on campus at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). If you want to reap the benefits of top-notch mentorship — learning vital skills like goal-setting and time management — feel free to check out some more info on LEAPweek 2018!