YPO Mentor Workshop

Thank you for volunteering as a mentor at the YPO Workshop at UCLA. Here are details about the event:

Saturday, March 25th
Workshop: 2:00 – 3:00 PM
@ UCLA (351 Charles E. Young Drive West, UCLA)
Map & parking instructions: Click here for the MAP

Dress: Casual

Brief Description: As a mentor, you do not need to prepare anything ahead of time. Each mentor will sit at his/her own table, and on the other side are 3 to 5 chairs where the students will sit. Think ‘speed dating’ in that there are 20 minute sessions where the students rotate. During each session they will sit across from you, and ask you questions they have prepared such as:

• What do you enjoy most/least about what you do?

• If you had to start all over today at my age in your field, what would you do and how would you get started?

• What kind of personal qualities do you consider to be most important for someone to have who wants to be successful in this area?

This is their chance to pick your brain and find out as much information about your job & career as they can.

The mentor workshop is the last part of an all day event. You are welcome to come to lunch and/or the other sessions. CLICK HERE for the entire day’s schedule.

Call (877) 855-5327 with any questions you have.

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