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Leaders Are Built At LEAP Week

Leaders Are Built At LEAP Week

What is LEAP Week 2021?

LEAP Week is a highly-immersive week-long leadership program for high school and college students held annually at the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California. Each year, 400 students from around the globe travel to attend LEAP Week, a full week dedicated to helping young adults uncover the “real-life” skills needed to achieve great success.

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LEAP Foundation is a non-profit that helps young people succeed through an immersive annual leadership development program called LEAP Week.

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About Us

Founded by Dr. Bill Dorfman, The LEAP Foundation provides leadership development training for high school and college students. Our annual event, LEAP Week, brings together youth for a life-changing immersive leadership program, with inspirational speakers, leadership training activities, networking opportunities, and more.

Join us in July 2021 to grow your potential and find a path to achieving your dreams. If you are currently in high school, this will be a great opportunity to get ready for success in college. If you are a college student, LEAP Week will be your chance to expand your leadership skills and network even further, helping shorten the path to your dream career.