LEAP Foundation Scholarships

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 2020 LEAP Young Adult Leadership Program takes place from July 19-25, on campus at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). We take great pride in attracting a wide variety of students for LEAP week, and we truly believe that money should not prevent any deserving young adult from attending. One of the main ways we accomplish this is by providing scholarships for partner organizations we believe in.


This collaboration starts right here in SoCal, as LEAP partners with several Los Angeles-area organizations to attract the best and brightest from our region. Check out some of the great local partners we provide scholarships to:


  • Bresee Foundation: One of the premier after-school programs available anywhere, Bresee has provided valuable family services and after-school activities for central LA since 1982.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles: Each and every year, BBBSLA provides mentoring services to over 1,500 children and teens in the Los Angeles region.
  • Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation: The Harvey Foundation provides youth outreach services, including life skills, service initiatives, mentoring and educational enrichment.


Of course, scholarships aren’t only available for SoCal students — we provide college funding assistance for students across America. Here are some of our top national partners in providing scholarships to future and current college students in other states:


  • Take Stock in Children: Serving over 24,000 children and teens throughout every county in Florida since the early 1990s, Take Stock in Children works to provide post-secondary education opportunities for low-income students.
  • Philadelphia Young Playwrights: Since 1987, PYP has brought the magic of theatre into classrooms across Philly, helping students with their creative development and literacy skills.


Believe it or not, LEAP week scholarships aren’t just for American teens either! Through our great partnerships with the following organizations, we’ve been able to provide assistance for high school age students around the world.


  • Jaffa Institute: Founded in 1982, The Jaffa Institute provides social services to “severely disadvantaged children” in the Jaffa and South Tel Aviv regions of Israel.
  • Tomorrow Trust: This South African nonprofit organization provides holistic educational services to orphaned and at-risk children. Since 2005, Tomorrow Trust has assisted over 1,000 students.
  • Australian Schools and Universities: We partner with schools across Australia to provide LEAP week scholarships to deserving young adults.


For more information about LEAP week 2020, or any of our awesome partner organizations, simply contact us at your convenience! If you are interested in applying for a LEAP Foundation scholarship, please visit our scholarship application page.